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Runner’s Knee

We touched on Runners Knee before ITBS and the problems with the tendons surrounding the knee and lower leg muscles.

The term, “runner’s knee” is a catch all phrase for pain around the knee. Typically, there is no major event that causes the onset of the pain. It may come on after a run, during the day after sitting for a while with the knee bent, or while going up and down stairs. Often, the pain isn’t bad enough that people stop running or working out, but it’s an annoying presence. Continuing to push through symptoms of runner’s knee without addressing the cause can lead to pain that is so bad that you will have to stop running.

One of the ways you can help to stop the pain from getting worse is to add a bit of prevention to your daily routine.  Look, we all run for a reason right?  Some because you took it up in high-school and want to keep that feeling of accomplishment alive. Some for health related reasons.

You run to keep in shape or you lost weight by first walking then gravitating to running and you’re doing well and do not want to give it up. Well, you can keep on running if, I say if you practice a little preventive or self-help treatment.  Get yourself the Full Knee Compression Band from  This Full Knee Band surrounds the areas of the knee to absorb and diffuse stress while allowing for full mobility. It also helps to stabilize the patellar tendon below the kneecap, strengthens the kneecap and reduces the forces of the quadriceps on the patella tendon.

The Full Knee Compression Band from is an adjustable compression device that can provide you with both support and the amount of compression you need to maintain your pace as you take on your regular active regimen.   

So go ahead and run, but run with the confidence knowing your getting a little extra support from wearing the Full Knee Compression Band from Boundr.

Boundr Bands are a proprietary compression innovation that not only provides maximum support during recovery from injury but is also a non-slip, comfortable and virtually undetectable wrap that is worn under your clothes so you can maintain your active lifestyle—worry—free