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General Lower Leg Pain or Soreness

While the root cause of lower leg pain or soreness can be caused by tight calf muscles and weak shin muscles, the injury may have been further aggravated by a variety of factors. Running on hard surfaces can put an added strain on your front leg muscles. You may have a foot that tilts in (pronates) or out (supinates) when you run, causing your front leg muscles to work harder to achieve foot stability. Or you may have developed flat feet, which you should treat separately. Most likely, however, is that you're simply running too much.  All these symptoms are rooted in tight calf muscles and relative weakness in the front leg muscles. What's going on is that your tight calves are pulling up on your heel, which in turn pulls the front of your foot down. This puts strain on the muscles in the front of your leg, which unfortunately are not strong enough to resist the pulling.  

But general lower leg pain or soreness can be caused by a wide variety of issues related to your feet, your stance, the way you walk and carry yourself as well.  From previous posts you will see that the Compression products from Boundr can help to resolve many of these.

A Compression Shin Band from Boundr can provide additional support to the strained, stretched muscles and tendons. This adjustable compression band can provide necessary support to help the general lower leg pain and soreness.  

Boundr Bands are a proprietary compression innovation that not only provides maximum support during recovery from injury but is also a non-slip, comfortable and virtually undetectable wrap that is worn under your clothes so you can maintain your active lifestyle—worry—free