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Why wear a compression band during and after you give birth?  It’s not too difficult to understand. The main reason is all about the support it provides you with. Especially if you want to stay active during the start of your second and third trimesters!

With the Core compression band from Boundr, wearing one can help reduce lower back pain and pelvic pain associated with carrying your baby.  

You may also experience a sharp pain around your hip area called “SI” joint pain. As a result of the increase of “Relaxin”, an appropriately named hormone that causes the hip joints to become loose and less stable. Wearing a compression core band can help maintain your stability to keep the discomfort level down to a manageable area,

The Core compression band from Boundr, help distribute the weight of the baby across the back and abdomen, which may help relieve the pressure on the round ligaments and reduce pain.

Wearing a compression band for you core area, can also provide external cues for posture as well.
By supporting the lower back and torso, the Core Compression bands encourage correct posture and prevents the overextension of the lower back. The typical “sway back” appearance of pregnancy is due to the extra weight being carried in front of the body in combination with the stretching and weakening of key core muscles that support the spine.

Your doctor often recommends that you continue with your regular exercise programs and if you’re not currently participating in one, you should be! It’s good for you during your pregnancy and definitely good for your baby.  By wearing the Core Compression band you are able to get the support needed to engage in the physical exercise needed to keep you fit and healthy.

Remember, Exercise increases muscle tone and endurance and decreases the incidence of hypertension, depression, and diabetes.  

And you can continue to wear the Core compression band after your delivery as well. They can provide you with the additional support you may need till your body returns to its pre-pregnancy state.

Decreased core strength is common in the weeks following birth. Muscles and ligaments that were stretched and strained during pregnancy require time to heal. Weakness combined with the demanding job of caring for a newborn can be challenging and lead to injuries.  

So wearing the Core Compression band from Boundr will help you through your pregnancy, to child birth and beyond to aid you in getting back you’re your normal everyday activities.


Boundr Bands are a proprietary compression innovation that not only provides maximum support during recovery from injury but is also a non-slip, comfortable and virtually undetectable wrap that is worn under your clothes so you can maintain your active lifestyle—worry—free