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Cesarean Section

At the end of your pregnancy, having a Cesarean Section or C-Section as it is sometimes called is an invasive surgery, make no mistake about that. Depending on your doctors recommendations as he monitors you during your pregnancy he/she may think having a cesarean section is the best course. During the surgery the surgeon makes an incision through the skin into the abdominal wall and through the uterus pulling out your baby through the incision.

Even though no muscles are cut during the procedure muscles are pulled and stretched. This stretching, pulling, cutting of nerves and shifting of organs causes some muscle damage making it very difficult to regain muscle strength and tone, not to mention recovery is just plain painful, depending on the amount of movement done post-surgery by the patient.

The nerves cut during the surgery will mend themselves, the muscles will slowly get back to normal and the internal organs will get back to their old positions. However, where the incision was done, both externally and internally that area will take several weeks to heal properly.  It is because of this tender, slow healing process that a Belly Band or some are more likely to call them “Compression Bands” are being recommended in order to provide the patient with additional support for the whole “Core” area.  

With the Boundr Core Compression Band you get additional benefits along with that necessary support. We have listed a few here below for reference:

Supports the abdominal muscles to minimize the post-surgery pain and discomfort.
Reduces that bulging belly look that usually happens after the surgery. Providing you with a better self-image, which is important as it can help with alleviating postpartum depression.
Provide a lot more freedom of movement and flexibility by providing that additional support
Reduce scar tissue as compression is a proven scar reduction treatment
Offer Compression for reduced swelling, again keeping the bulge in check
Provide back support
But one of the best parts of wearing an abdominal binder is the feeling of security it gives you knowing you’re getting the support you need in order to take some of the pressure off of your incision area.
Not only are you more comfortable, you feel more confident that your incision won’t break open.  

Most core wraps or binders are made of a semi-hard plastic. But the Boundr Core Compression Band is made from a proprietary non-slip, moisture-wicking, and lightweight material that allows for adjustable levels of compression which encourages deep breathing and helps maintain proper positioning of muscles, ligaments, and internal organs.  You won’t get this type of support and comfort with any other type of binder band.

Boundr Bands are a proprietary compression innovation that not only provides maximum support during recovery from injury but is also a non-slip, comfortable and virtually undetectable wrap that is worn under your clothes so you can maintain your active lifestyle—worry—free