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Boundr Compression Bands Inc.
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Boundr’s compression bands have been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of a modern day active lifestyle.

We join our proprietary, non-slip, hydrophilic, open-cell foam to a high quality, specially engineered, medical grade nylon/spandex fabric blend with the intended purpose of creating a superior material for stabilization, motion control, repositioning, compression & support.

The hydrophilic moisture wicking properties of our material keeps your skin dry and free of the irritation that is usually associated with wraps, bands, or braces. All of our products are hypoallergenic, as well as being latex and neoprene free.

The non-slip quality of the Boundr material stabilizes the compression band during activity, thereby allowing the support to remain focused on the intended area of the body. And once stabilized in the intended position, the adjustability of the bands allows you to effortlessly increase or decrease the level of compression at any given time.

The Boundr compression bands are thin, discreet, supportive and comfortable. They are specially designed to be lightweight, transportable & simple to apply - making them ideal for wear during activities such as running, biking, dancing, yoga, weightlifting, playing sports, or simply going about the activities of your daily life.

We hope Boundr helps you live your life, fully supported.


Boundr Bands are a proprietary compression innovation that not only provides maximum support during recovery from injury but is also a non-slip, comfortable and virtually undetectable wrap that is worn under your clothes so you can maintain your active lifestyle—worry—free